Reason for Nicole Kidman’s clapping revealed!


Contrary to rumours suggesting the awkward clapping of Nicole was caused by the amount of bling she was wearing on her fingers, I’m here to reveal the facts.

After several rounds of heated Big Data analysis, a group of white-coat-wearing scientists from the Ponds Institute have revealed their conclusions. They determine that Nicole was in fact making a statement, and that she was honouring the little known National Creativity Day.

A day where the essence of creativity – fingers – should be kept pure, clean and respectably pointing towards the sky. Certainly not touching each other. And, if you think about it, fingers are the ideal ‘icon’ to represent creativity. Without them, there would be a broken link between the mind and the result.

Creative thinking 

Of course, the Academy Awards is the ideal venue for such a tribute. After all, Nicole was surrounded by scriptwriters, music conductors, grips, best boys, camera operators, gaffers… the list of people with creative fingers goes on.

So, for those Nicole naysayers out there, constantly giving our Nic a hard time for her acting (ok, best we don’t talk about the movie Australia), it’s time to reconsider your stance. As this genius of the screen is now also a trendsetter of the highest magnitude.

Well done Nicole Kidman. We applaud you (without fingers), and eagerly look forward to what you’ll be pointing on National Country Music Day.